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Wagan EL2307 Personal Mini Coffee Maker
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List Price: $29.95
Wagan Personal Mini Coffee Maker is an ingenious little device that is designed to make travel life easier by preparing a single cup of favorite hot beverage, while on the road. It can be simply plugged into the cigarette lighter/ 12 volt outlet and 8-10 minutes later enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee. This item can be clipped to the window of the vehicle to reduce spilling.
Heated Car Mug by Totes
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This Heated Car Mug offers an innovative way to warm and carry your favorite drinks without being scared of spilling! Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, this Heated Mug offers a plethora of reliable features to safeguard you and your car from messy spills and transport. Insulated in durable stainless steel, simply plug this 16 oz. mug’s 12V DC power adapter into your car’s lighter jack to start the heating process. As the inner thermostat maintains your drink’s temperature, comfortably sip from the splash-proof locking sipper lid while preventing messy spills and splashes. Best of all, this Car Mug is modeled[Read More]